How do you find out if your husband is talking to another woman?

Here are some telltale signs that your man is secretly texting another woman, spending too much time talking on the phone. Tilt your phone while texting. He sleeps with his phone under his pillow. He leaves the room when he texts.

My husband and I have been married for 15 years. 2 days ago, I got a screenshot of him texting another woman texting her that he loves her and that she's awesome. I think she's also married because he told her that her man doesn't deserve someone like her. He also invited her to come to my house.

Now he tells me that it was nothing, he just said that he texted him for no reason and that he did it for the first time and that he is very sorry. I don't know what to do, my heart is broken. So I need a little help. My husband of 12 years has been away for years.

He left his phone in the car a few months ago and I looked at it. I saw that he had lied to me or at least he had not told me that he was going to meet a woman (who is married and has children) on a business trip. I saw that she sent him a text message xoxo. I saw her texting him every week asking about his weekend and laughing at his stupid jokes.

Last week I saw that he sent her several texts last week asking how he was doing which was more compassion than he has shown me in recent years. He doesn't see this woman and, as far as I can see, he doesn't talk to her on the phone, but it's NOT a strictly professional relationship. I think this is the beginning of an emotional adventure and it's killing me. I just need someone to confirm my feelings.

I have been married for 28 years and my husband was out of town working for 4 months and was having an emotional affair. He told me about her because I wanted to know if he could come and spend the weekend at our house. It's been 14 months since she told me, but she has never confessed that she lies in everything I talk to the other woman, she told me a lot. I just found out that this month there was another one at the same time.

I think I'm going to move out and divorce him. I'm sick of their lies. My husband had an emotional affair with a married coworker. I have a hard time forgiving him because he gets defensive and refuses to discuss this with me.

We fight about it all the time. He does this lightly, as there was no sex involved. I dare not trust him, he has always been a liar. He refuses to see the deep pain he has caused me.

He wants me to forgive and forget and he doesn't understand that I need to talk about this in order to do it. It's been 2 years and I still feel fresh. I am seriously considering moving forward without him if he doesn't become aware of this situation. You haven't slept with her, and doing everything you can to fix things, give her a chance, seek help, or your marriage is doomed to failure.

I recently discovered that my husband was cheating on me again with the same woman he had an affair with 13 years ago. Your husband may not be cheating on you, but he might be attracted to another woman if he's too interested in his love life. At this point, it's also worth noting that just because a woman has reached out to her husband doesn't automatically mean that her husband has asked for it, is encouraging him, or is interested in her.

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