What should i do if my husband has been caught sending inappropriate messages to someone else online?

What to do when your husband is texting another woman Talk to him. There's no other way to avoid this big thorn in your side. Don't forget to talk about the reason. Commit to healthy relationship strategies going forward.

Relate's relationship counselor, Ammanda Major Relate, considers what to do if you discover that your partner is sending illegal text messages. When you discover someone cheating through a text message, it's hard to accept, but you must be prepared to resolve the issue with your husband. The gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. The FBI has seen a huge increase in the number of cases in which children and adolescents have been threatened and coerced to send explicit images to the Internet, a crime called sextortion.

The FBI has also recently seen an increase in cases of financial sextortion targeting underage victims in the U.S. UU. Financial sextortion is different from traditional sextortion. If young people are being exploited, they are victims of a crime and must report it.

Contact your local FBI office, call 1-800-CALL-FBI, or report it online at tips, FBI, gov. The FBI also has staff dedicated to helping victims of crime. Learn more about our Victim Services Division and learn about your rights if you are a victim of sextortion and your images have been posted online. The FBI's Stop Sextortion campaign seeks to inform children and their caregivers about this growing crime involving young people forced by an adult to create explicit content online.

In this episode of Inside the FBI, we warn children, teens and caregivers about an increasingly common online threat called sextortion. It would be more embarrassing if you didn't keep a cool head only to find out that your husband isn't cheating on you. If your husband is always on the phone with a friend, tell him about the disadvantages and make sure he doesn't give the wrong signal that could cause him to cheat on you.

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